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What exercises can you do with booty bands?

December 23, 2018

What exercises can you do with booty bands?

Booty bands are popular to use before/during a work out these days and with good reason! They help target the glute muscles more specifically, especially if it's an area that you've struggled with before.

Here are a few popular and good exercises to with booty bands:

1. Banded Glute Bridges

2. Banded Clams 

3. Banded Crab Walks

4. Banded Hip Abduction

5. Banded Kick Back

6. Banded Fire Hydrants

7. Banded Squat

Give these moves a try and focus on doing the movements with controlled motion, rather than racing through them. It's when you have time under tension on your glutes, do you get the fuller benefits of proper muscle engagement.

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