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Hamstring Activation Exercise - The 90:90 Hamstring Hip Lift

July 28, 2022

Hamstring Activation Exercise - The 90:90 Hamstring Hip Lift

While many of us fancy having a firmer and perkier booty, we mustn't forget those hammies! The behind the leg part you can't see, you may even forget it's there! Or maybe the only memory you have of them is how tight they feel in yoga class?

It may be interesting or helpful to know that the hamstrings can appear tight as a sign of weakness? Not all tightness is created equal!

It can get confusing and while we can't give specific advice here because everyone is different, but if you have more an anterior pelvic tilt (arched back type posture) chances are your hamstrings are long and could benefit with some activation and strength work.

This is why adding in hamstring exercises to your routine is helpful and also hamstring activation warm up exercises into your routine to help you fire them up more successfully - if you struggle to 'feel them.'

Here I'm demonstrating the 90:90 Hamstring Hip Lift you can try from home or the gym. All you need is a wall. It's important to ensure your feet are making firm contact with the wall.

Click the video below to watch or read the exercise description. 

To get set up:

Position yourself so that your legs and hips are at a 90 degree angle as shown.

Inhale to start.

Exhale gently while slightly lifting off from the floor while maintaining a neutral spine. Focus on pressing your heels down into the wall - thinking about your hamstrings.

Inhale slowly as you lower down with control.

Pro tips:

Place a ball or towel rolled up in between your knees to keep your hips and feet in line if you struggle to feel the hamstrings. You may need a bit of inner thigh support too. The trick is to be gentle with the amount of pressure applied to the ball and play around. It can take time and practice.

Exhale vocally can help you re align the ribs if they tend to be flared.

Watch the tutorial below to hear important cues that will help you perform the exercise.