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Booty Band Ab Workout & Exercises

August 07, 2020

Booty Band Ab Workout & Exercises

It's time to get yours abs burning!

Yes that's right, we're giving your booty a break today and focusing on your midsection.

Today I'm going to show you how your booty bands are no longer JUST for your glute muscles or lower body workouts.

They are actually a great addition to core/ab workouts and I'm excited to share a few moves with you that can be practised at home or at the gym.

Additionally there are beginner and advanced options for a few of the exercises to give you a challenge to work up to.

Before you start:

I always recommend practising the movement without the band first. This is because adding the band can make an exercise more challenging, so you want to ensure you can perform it with no resistance other than your body weight first.

Secondly, I recommend to start with a light booty band. You don't want to rush your way to medium or heavy when you'd likely get better results doing the exercise properly on a lighter resistance.

Sometimes less is more, especially when it comes to activating your deep core muscles.

The booty band ab workout exercises in this tutorial include:

1. Banded Supine Marching
2. Banded Ab Leg Raises
3. Banded Ab Leg Raises + Crunch
4. Banded Half V Sit Leg Raise
5. Banded Plank Side Taps (includes modification)

A few pointers that apply for all of these core exercises to ensure you're activating your deep core muscles (AKA the transverse abdonomis) is to draw your belly in. Imagine you're trying to zip up a tight pair of pants, so you draw that belly in to close that zipper. Try holding that 'contraction' of your core muscles while performing the move.

Additionally, breathing is important too. If you can focus on exhaling at the difficult part of the exercise (usually when the legs are further away from your centre in most of these exercises and inhaling as the leg returns back to centre).

Yes coordinating the breathing and moving throughout the exercise is challenging at first, but I promise it does get easier over time. The best tip I can say is to focus on improving one element at a time. Example: learn the movement (this leg goes here, this arm does that etc) and then add in the breathing once you understand the body positioning.

I've put together a video with voice overs demonstrating the exercises. I hope these help and if you have any questions feel free to comment below.

Follow along here:

 Here's to feeling fit, firm & bootyful!


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