Fit Booty Body Bands Set - Mini Resistance Loop Bands



Firm, Tone & Activate Your Booty with our Fit Booty Body Band Set!

Why use our bands?

Our bands have been designed with the perfect resistance to help you activate your buns in all the right spots! Use them individually or together to suit your specific intensity needs.

This 3 pack bundle of Fit Booty Body Bands include:

1 x Pink band - light resistance ( .6mm thick - 15lb)

1 x Purple band - medium resistance (1mm thick - 30lb)

1 x Black band - heavy resistance (1.2mm thick - 50lb)

1 x Black Carry Pouch to help you keep your bands together in your gym bag or on the go.

Material: 100% Natural Latex

These bands are great for Gym, Pilates, Rehab Exercises, Glute Activation Exercises, and Overall Leg Work Outs. 




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