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Target Side and Upper Booty Exercises with Fit Booty Bands

October 07, 2018

Target Side and Upper Booty Exercises with Fit Booty Bands

There are so many different ways to target your glute muscles, but instead of getting caught up with the latest trend, keeping moves simple, sticking to the basics and mastering them, can be more important and beneficial.

Here we share two great simple exercises Standing Abduction and Plank Extension for your side glute muscles the Glute Medius (side booty) and the Glute Maximus (the meaty big part). 

These exercise work great with the light (pink) or medium (purple) Fit Booty Band. The muscle fibers targeted in these exercises can be fired up by aiming for higher reps, especially for beginners as it can take time to get the mind-muscle connection. Try both exercises for 15-20 reps for 2-3 sets and as you improve, challenge yourself to be more controlled with each rep to maximise the time under tension.

So try these two exercises Standing Side Leg Raise and Plank Hip Extensions by following the photos below. To see more videos and tips, follow our facebook and instagram page.

Standing Side Hip Abduction Fit Booty Band Exercise

Fit Booty Band Hip Leg Extension Exercise

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Enjoy and happy booty training!