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Pretty Fit Booty Bands are back Australia!

November 14, 2018

Pretty Fit Booty Bands are back Australia!

Holla to all the girls who love to train their glutes and legs! 

We're super excited to announce our newest design of our Fit Booty Body bands are available and to keep things extra fun, we've made our Black (Heavy) booty band "extra heavy" to give you an "extra challenge" to work up to!

Grab your set here.

Why are we jumping for joy over our Fit Booty Body Bands?

Well first, we love exercising in general, but on a serious note, we're passionate about ensuring our glutes fire, and using our bands help the glute muscles activate in an effective and quick way!

It's very common these days for many of us to have weak glutes due to injuries/bad mechanics/posture etc so we need to be proactive to make a change! It's more than just having a nice peachy round booty, it's important for our overall health and injury prevention, especially as we get older. Yes, you may feel fit as a fiddle now, but bad habits/injuries can kick in, so the sooner we focus on weaker muscle groups, the longer we can keep feeling invisible! 

So on that note, start working your booty muscles early and not only will you be feeling peachy, but hopefully a little less achey too!

Here's to your buns of steel!

Grab your Fit Booty Bands here while stocks last!