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Booty Bands - are here!

July 23, 2018

Booty Bands - are here!

We've been keeping it hush hush, but the secrets out...

Our Booty Bands have arrived and are here to help you embrace your sweat,scrub and love lifestyle! They are small & compact in a black carry bag, so bring them with you to the gym or work out at home/on the go and they'll help you maximise your booty burn - or so that's at least how we feel after we use them!

Pink is light resistance. 

Purple is medium resistance.

Black is hard resistance.

Depending on the type of exercises you may like to do or your fitness level, you may need to switch up the different levels of resistance, which is why we have made the perfect 3 in a set. They're great for glute activation exercises, Pilates, rehab or leg work outs.

Our bands are on an Intro Special this week so grab them here before this offer ends or till we sell out: Booty Band Kit