Fit Booty Body is the all natural scrub for your hips, bum and thighs! With nourishing ingredients that exfoliate, moisturise and stimulate blood flow, Fit Booty Body scrubs are designed to make every woman look and feel bootylicious.

Fit Booty Body is all about taking a fun and positive attitude to living an active lifestyle and getting the most from our bodies, while giving them nourishment and care in return. Our scrubs are hand-made in small batches with fragrant, natural skin-loving ingredients and tried and tested on every skin type, leaving them soft, smooth and glowing.

Fitness professional Celinda Beau is the booty expert behind the scrubs. Celinda created Fit Booty Body because she is passionate about giving women around the world delicious derrières. She could see women working their hips, bums and thighs hard in the gym, so she created a product for women to continue to embrace their curves outside of the gym. Celinda’s mission is to give every woman the power to show their body love, respect and appreciation, starting with taking a bit of time getting to know their curves with an amazing daily scrub created just for them.  

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