Fit Booty Body is here to help you stay motivated and on track of your fitness goals by providing you with the tools, inspiration to get a fit booty body!

Join me on my mission to grow a community of women who help each other stay accountable to their workout goals - with a strong focus on booty/glute training. Cause who doesn't want a firmer back side right?!

How did Fit Booty Body start?

If your're stopping by for the first time, nice to meet you, Celinda here, your Fitness & Pilates Coach who is passionate about helping women activate & firm their booty's! Not only for the benefit of looking & feeling good, but to help women work out more effectively and avoid injuries!

From suffering a long history of back and knee pains as a teen, I learned the importance of strengthening the glutes and how quickly it can improve the way we move, and relieve common pains. By using booty & hip bands I was able to increase her activation, strength and feel firmer/perkier and wanted to be able to share this with more women around the world! There's a lack of education and emphasis on the glute training for women and I hope to be able to help motivate more women to get started. Women deserve to not only relieve pain/improve muscle imbalances, but also deserve to feel more confident and firmer about their booty.

Here's to Fit Booty Body's collection helping more women!

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