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Glute Band Exercises - Low Impact, & Beginner Friendly

November 16, 2019

Glute Band Exercises - Low Impact, & Beginner Friendly

If you're new to exercise or glute training with a band in general, once you start you'll never look back, unless it's at your booty of course ;) hehe! OK, but in all serious now...


It's a motivating burn (you feel it right where you want to feel it!) and yes that may mean a bit of oouuu and ouchh, but a good one! You walk away after the workout feeling better about your curves thus hopefully motivating you to continue on and make regular exercise part of your lifestyle.

It's low impact for majority of the exercises. This is great for anyone with knee, back or hip pains so they can worry less. Additionally the reason why so many people today have knee, back and hip problems is due to weak glutes. I've seen so many people improve their mobility, daily function and reduce common aches by incorporating more glute exercises into their exercise routine. 

It's a time saver way to exercise because a lot of glute exercises require you to use multiple muscles at once when exercising, which means more calories burned in less time!

Additionally, the glutes can be a common self conscious area for a lot of women because it's where a lot of us store extra fat. Therefore by doing exercises that firm and strengthen the hips and thighs regularly, it can help us boost are overall confidence.

Here are a few exercises you can do for your glutes with our Glute Band:


Banded Crab Walks
-In a squat stance position, walk laterally one side and then back with the band slightly above or below your knee. Be mindful to push your knees open resisting the band so that they don't buckle in.


Banded Glute Bridges
-Like a normal glute bridge lying down on the floor, squeeze your glutes up, but this time, push the band open a tad to increase glute activation.


Banded Fire Hydrants
-On all four points,with the band above your knees, open one knee out as much as you can while maintaining a straight lower back.

Try doing 15-20 reps of each exercise for 2-3 sets.




Banded Kick Backs
-On all four points and the band above the knees (slightly higher makes it easier/creates a bit more range with the band) and lift the working leg up as high as you can. Avoid arching your back and focusing on squeezing your glutes when you lift.

Try doing 15-20 reps of each exercise for 2-3 sets.

You can add these exercises to your warm up drills for leg/glute training days or combine them in your workout.

Important Tip:

Take your time to practice each exercise rather than racing through them. Less is more when exercising. Focus on where you want to feel it, control the movement and slowly progress.

Hope this was helpful and if you've got any questions or want to see more tips, be sure to comment below!


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