Heavy Glute Fabric Booty Band

🍑 Want firmer tones glutes?

😕 Want to reduce knee/back pain?

Read more below.... 😀


Who wouldn't love to reduce common aches and firm up at the same time right?!

Which is why we're passionate about helping women learn how to activate their glutes better with our Fabric Glute Band!

Our Glute Hip Band will help you activate your glutes better in your workouts by providing extra tension that will force your glutes to wake up! You'll feel the burn right away! 🔥 

Here's to shaping your booty, toning up and living a healthy fit lifestyle! ❤️

How do you use it?

Place it over your knees or below your knees when doing crab walks, hip thrusts, glute bridges, clam variations and much more. By having the band around your knees, it helps activate your glute muscles more effectively by requiring you to fight through the resistance as you open your hips/push your knees open.

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Great to use for:

-Gym/Weight training Workouts
-Home Workouts
-Outdoor Workouts
-Training on Holiday/Travel - (light weight, easy to carry)


-Strong & Durable Material

-Satisfaction Guarantee

-Anti Slip & Non Slip Grips

-Breathable Mesh Carry Bag Included 


-Hip Thrusts

-Glute Bridges

-Hip Abductions

-Crab Walks 

...and there's a whole lot more to choose from, but these alone will keep you challenged for a long time with it's extra heavy resistance.

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