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How to wake up feeling beautiful

February 19, 2017

How to wake up feeling beautiful

Whether you've got more curves than you want or not enough curves than you'd please.... Our personal perspective of our bodies can influence how we feel as well as how we act throughout life. A body is a body and no matter your shape or size, everybody should be able to feel beautiful.

However it's normal to have those days or weeks where we don't feel our best (life happens right?) and during these times the tools below can be used to help lift our spirits up! 

Positive talk

If you are feeling down,  positive talk is a powerful tool. When you wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and give yourself a compliment. Yes it can be a hard and confronting (shhhhh, remember it's just you and the mirror - no one else is watching), the more you practice it, the easier it will get. Start with a small compliment and work your way up. It could be a personal quality about yourself, acknowledging something you've done well recently or telling yourself you have nice eyes. Slowly but surely you'll start to notice and appreciate more beautiful qualities about yourself. Too often everyone is investigating what's wrong with them instead of identify what's beautiful. Take it one step at a time and soon you'll be hitting on yourself in the mirror saying "hey baby, you looking fiiiiiine today!"

Walk Around Naked At Home

If you don't do much of this yet, start walking around your house or bedroom naked when you are alone. The more comfortable you become with your body at home, the more comfortable you feel when you're outside wearing clothes. Not only will it feel nice to not have any restricted clothing on but you can slowly start to build your confidence this way. The only opinion that matters is yours. Learn to embrace and love who you are, especially in the privacy of your own home.

If nude is too bare for you at this stage in life, try walking around in your bikini/swimmers. It will also help you feel like it's a normal piece of clothing for when you go to the beach, so you'll have nothing to fear 💪 


Exercise is a key to boosting self esteem and self love because it's the one hour of the day where you can get true personal time and do something for yourself and no one else. The reason why it is is a key factor for us is because exercise releases chemicals in the brain that make you feel good and when you feel good, you will act with positivity throughout the day/week. You'll notice more and more how beautiful your body is from the inside and out. 

Eat Nourishing Food

Have you ever seen the 'you're not you when you're hungry' commercial by Snickers? We are not endorsing you to eat snickers but that commercial is a great example of how our minds get out of control when we are hungry. Your brain requires food to function properly and when you aren't eating enough it can be hard to concentrate or think correctly. Therefore by ensuring you are routinely eating healthy you will not only feel well about your body but, your head will be clear so you can make right decisions about your day/food which will impact how you feel about yourself. 

At the end of the day, whatever you can do to help improve how you feel about yourself from the inside goes along way. We all have our own little tricks or tips that motivate us to embrace who we are and feel beautiful. Find what works for you and repeat it daily. 

Dedicated to your buns, 

Fit Booty Body

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