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How to get peaceful exercise

February 12, 2017

How to get peaceful exercise

There will come a point where you can only do so much exercise before your body shuts down and says NO! At Fit Booty Body, we are all about embracing active lifestyles but understand completely what it means for our bodies to go into recovery mode. It can be hard to take a step back and calm down when we are always on the go, but it's better to calm down then it is to burn out and get sick. 'Cause then we won't be able to be super women anymore right? So yes, even super women need rest.

Here are a few relaxing and peaceful ways to exercise for energizer bunnies who are always on the go that don't want to stop:

-Swimming in the ocean (you may end up floating on your back and enjoying the sun rays) 🌴 

-Snorkeling (cause when did snorkeling ever become a race? It'll force you to slow down and observe everything around you). 🐢 

-Coast beach walks or nature hikes in the woods. Can't beat the fresh outdoors! 🐚 

-Shopping (Funny right? But In all honesty,  you can get a heap of steps completed in your day walking around at the shops, looking at items you enjoy, which doesn't feel like exercise but it's keeping your mind and body active). 👛 

Do you have a favorite way to exercise in a peaceful and unusual way? Share it with us so we can spread the word! 💪 

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