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Benefits of Squatting with Booty Bands

October 05, 2019

Benefits of Squatting with Booty Bands

Do booty bands help you squat better?

In short, the answer is yes, but what's important, is understanding why!

When you put booty bands under your knees or just on top of knees/thigh area when squatting it forces you to pay extra attention to your form which helps you trigger/wake up sleepy glutes. 

Naturally, a lot of people have lazy glute muscles when they squat. They don't know how to push their knees out/abduct and their knees often buckle or don't push out to their fullest potential. What then ends up happening is that other muscles do most of the work in the exercise. One may think that's not a problem if they want to target more than just their glutes, however, it actually causes more harm then good. The glutes are the biggest muscle in the body and when you squat or do many other leg exercises that involve the gluteals, you want them to be engaging in some way, or you may develop overcompensation in other muscles which lead imbalances/bad movement patterns and likely over stresses on the joints. 

The best example to relate is swimming. You can cover more distance and waste less energy when your swimming with correct technique. So when it comes to exercising in the gym or doing squats, the same applies. You get more bang for your time when your sweating when your engaging the right muscles and ultimately better results!

Below is an example photo of squatting with weights and pushing the knees out with the added resistance of our Fit Booty Bands. To ensure the glutes fire to their fullest potential, aiming for the knees to be inline with the pinky toe part of the foot. It really helps the glutes engage and open the hips that little bit wider so that the squat can be performed with better range too.

Fit Booty Body Bands Squat

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