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Working out hard? Three tips which can help you maximize your recovery!

October 15, 2017

Working out hard? Three tips which can help you maximize your recovery!

First off, if you've stopped to read this, nice to meet you and high-five as there's a strong chance you break a sweat from time to time. As good as it is to work out consistently, sometimes it can take a toll on you, so it's important you're maximizing your recovery.

Our bodies need to go into repair mode to become stronger, which is why rest is important and why we can't be energizer bunnies all day long. Sleep, good nutrition and adequate down time between exercise days all play apart. 

Sleeping at least 8 hours is the minimum snooze time we should be getting, so if you're lacking in this department, it's time to switch the lights off earlier. Your work outs will be better and you'll likely feel less stressed.

Nutrition can be hard to clean up if you've been living on take away for a long while, but slowly choosing more whole food sources is a good way to get started. Think of your nutrition like a muscle, the more you practice making healthier choices, the better and stronger you'll get at it. A few basic tips to integrate to ensure you maximize your recovery is to drink water regularly throughout the day, as a hydrated body functions better (so think about all the effort you put into your work outs - it could be a lot easier if you're fueled on adequate amounts of H2O), eat a variety of vegetables in most meals (there are many vitamins and minerals in vegetables which will do wonders for your insides) as well as ensure you're eating enough protein with your meals. If you don't know how much to eat for your specific goal, aim for a palm size serving in each meal, as protein is essential to help rebuild your muscles and is often a neglected nutrient in many women's diets.

Down time is often pushed to the side as being busy women these days, we tend to take on more responsibilities then ever before and taking care of everyone else is always first first in line. As great as it is to be Wonder Woman, it takes a toll on us and sometimes we need to unwind, rest and take time out for ourselves. We recommend aiming to find 30 minutes in your week to have a nice hot bath or extended shower. We all know how good it feels, we just need that reminder! Warm water not only feels soothing on our muscles, but top that off with one of our Fit Booty Body scrubs and you'll have the perfect combination of antioxidants for your skin and essential relax your mind and body.

So remember, if you're feeling burned out or know you need to improve your recovery time, try to get more snooze time, eat wholesome and take time for yourself - you deserve it!

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