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How to stay motivated to work out

April 24, 2018

How to stay motivated to work out


Working out or being more active on a regular basis consistently is easier said than done. Trust us, we go through our owns up and downs from time to time.

Here are a few Fit Booty tips we use:

Vision - when you have no mojo to get up and moving, start visualizing yourself working out or doing something active. Getting your mind ready for the activity will help you ease into it a bit faster.

Hydration - if are are dehydrated not only will your performance suffer, but your energy and overall motivation to exercise will go down too. Sip a bit water before hand to keep your mind on target.

Spoil yourself - rewarding yourself whether its a new work out outfit, a trip to look forward to or an external goal you plan for yourself are great ways to motivate yourself. When motivation drops, remind yourself on your weekly or monthly treat to keep you going.