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How to maximize the benefits and use of your body scrub in the shower

February 26, 2018

How to maximize the benefits and use of your body scrub in the shower

So you've got a new body scrub, but wondering how to get the maximum benefit for your skin?

First and foremost, get the hot water running. Whether you decide to take a shower or a bath, that's your preference.

Once the water is ready, step into the water and start rinsing to ensure your skin is fully wet. If your skin is dirty or you haven't showered for a couple of hours, we'd recommend to use a soft natural soap to get rid of any grease/dirt/sweat that may be on your skin (ex if you were playing sports outside, gardening, sweating at the gym etc).

Upon cleaning your skin, finish it off with your Fit Booty Body scrub. By stepping away from the water for 30-60 seconds, apply your body scrub on the desired areas that you'd like to nourish and smooth. This will help get rid of any dead skin cells or exfoliate any stubborn areas as well as smooth your desired spots. It's important to exfoliate and nourish areas that may have stretch marks, scars, bumps, so that they can benefit from the antioxidant oils that will care for the skin.

Once the scrub has been spread on your desired points, rinse gently ensuring all crystals have come off, but leave a nice layer of oil residue on your skin. 

Turn off the water and upon stepping out of the shower pat dry, giving the oils absorb into your skin.

Relax into the evening or day and pat yourself on the back for taking time to pamper your mind, booty and skin.

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