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How to do Booty Band Crab Walks - Tutorial

April 17, 2020

How to do Booty Band Crab Walks - Tutorial

Banded Crab Walks are an amazing exercise to warm up or finish off the glutes after a good leg or glute session.

You'll feel your glute medius and under butt area work when you're in this position.

You can do them with a latex booty band or a fabric booty band.

I recommend to not limit your resistance at first and try and see what you can achieve at first. If you notice you are capable of progressing from a light to medium resistance, go for it.

Every exercise is different and more so when it comes to crab walks, jumping up to medium and heavy resistances can come quickly due to this movement pattern.

Here is a quick and helpful tutorial I made that you can apply right away.

Watch it here

A few key points to remember:

Place the band above the knees at first. If you struggle to keep your knees from buckling in, try placing the band around your shins. This can help at first.

If you want to make the exercise harder, squat lower and maintain that depth for as long as you can. Easier said then done!

Keep your hips pushed back like you're sitting on a chair. Try to keep your chest up and exhale as you walk laterally.

Additionally you can always put two bands on at the same time (one below the knee and one above the knee). Yes you will feel 'stuck' and your glutes will have to work very hard to walk laterally in your crab walk position.

Good luck and hope you enjoy these tips and the video!