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Booty Band Side Lying Abduction

July 10, 2019

Booty Band Side Lying Abduction

Don't be fooled by the 'easy look' of this exercise. A lot can be said about the intensity and effectiveness of it, when you're doing it correctly.

Target area: Glute Medius

Recommended Band Intensity: Light

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Benefits: Great for strengthening the hip muscles, to help relief back/knee pain. Additionally beneficial to exhaust or warm up your glutes effectively in a glute or leg training program. 

Common Mistakes: Avoid raising your leg up too high, to the point where you end up using your obliques/hip flexor muscles to do all of the work, rather than isolating your glutes - which is the point of this exercise.

Pro Tip: Slowly increase your range rather than race to get your leg as high as possible. By taking your time to get stronger, you'll avoid over compensation and properly strengthen the muscle to help you with pain management or overall booty shaping/training.

Here's a quick video on what the Banded Side Lying Abduction exercise looks like with our Light Fit Booty Bands.