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How to get a good booty? | Best Booty Exercises & Band Band Exercises

March 17, 2019

How to get a good booty? | Best Booty Exercises & Band Band Exercises

The answer you've been looking for "How to get a good ass?" Well look no further because we're about to tell you!

How to get a good ass

Your ass, booty, glutes, whatever you want to call it, is made up of 3 main glute muscles named Glute Maximum, Glute Medius and Glute Minimus. When you start an exercise routine for for your glute muscles, it's important to include movements that target all three muscles if you want to get the best results. The movements you want to do are hip abduction (moving your leg away from the body) and hip extension (moving your leg behind the body).

However, not everyone feels their glutes engage when doing hip abduction or hip extension exercises due to injuries, bad posture habits, or sedentary behaviour which can cause the glutes to get 'sleepy'. Thus using Booty Bands have become a popular and trusted way to ensure you feel proper glute activation can occur, as well as a way to make exercises harder and more challenging for someone who has been training for a while and wants to add more variety to their workout.

Popular Hip Abduction Exercises:

45 Degree Clams
90 Degree Clams
Standing Leg Raise
Lying Leg Raise

Popular Hip Extension Exercsies:

Glute Bridges
Hip Thrusts
Kick Backs

Whether your goal is to tone/firm or grow your booty, using booty bands can help improve activation to ensure your glutes are functioning optimally and are a great addition/combo when using weights to make exercises more challenging and effective!

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