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Booty Activation Band - Medium Resistance - Fabric

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Do you want to Tone & Active Your Glutes?

Working your glute muscles not only helps you feel more confident about your body but it's a great way to prevent injuries/common aches and pains, which I'm very passionate about!

The amount of women I know that have to stop exercising because they start to get knee/back pain or waste numerous workouts not feeling their glutes switch on is overwhelming! I'm helping women fight through that barrier by showing them how to engage their glutes better with my bands!

My Fit Booty Body designed 🍑 fabric booty band is here to help you get results! It effectively increases glute activation and it's comfortable on the the thighs to make your exercises enjoyable!
Grab your Fit Booty Band today & get FREE Shipping Aus Wide along with
Free Access to my new private Women's Booty Workout Group & my 9 Effective Glute Band Exercises Guide
Dedicated to your buns,
Fitness & Pilates Coach
Fit Booty Body Creator

-Medium Intensity 
-Non Slip
-Beautiful violet/purple color
-14 inches in length and 2 inches in width
-Less constricting for women who have felt previous bands were too tight/small
-Includes cute carry pouch with Fit Booty Body logo
-Increases glute activation 
-Helps firm up the lower body
-Multiple variations and exercises to do, you'll never get bored!
-Challenging resistance that will keep your muscles guessing for a long time!
-Workout from home/gym or while travelling
Here's to no excuses and a toned firm lower body & booty!
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