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NEW Fit Booty Body Band Set

Looking to tone, firm

& activate your glutes?

You made it to the right spot!

Whether you want to get fit, toned, or prevent against common injuries/aches pains, I know training your glutes will help!

Here is the newest Fit Booty Body Band set that will help you get fit & firm!


🍑Stretchy Fabric Booty Band Set!🍑

Fit Booty Body Bands effectively increase your glute activation when using them while performing many exercises like glute bridges, clams, hip thrusts, squats & more!

Which means you'll feel your glute muscles work more optimally and it'll help you get better results!


Don't know know how how to use them?
No worries, you'll receive a program!

This new set just launched that's unique compared to other fabric style bands. 




Because these bands are a stretchy textile fabric.

Other bands don't offer the same stretch/flexibility which means your range of motion will be limited.


The resistances come with Light, Medium and Heavy options. You can switch between the resistances when needed.


If you've been looking for a booty band set that's fabric which also offers additional stretch/flexibility this is what you want!


1 X Light Fabric Band

1 X Medium Fabric Band

1 X Heavy Fabric Band

1 X Carry Pouch

BONUS Instruction Guide & 2 Booty & Core Programs to follow!


Finding the balance between fabric and latex is what we've been working on for months & finally it's here, this textile fabric design is best yet!


Click below to watch the video to see it's unique stretch properties. Additionally it is 100% latex free, helping anyone with latex allergies.


 It's perfect for Pilates, Glute Activation, Weight Training & Home Workouts!

From having choosen varieties of different band fabric over our years in booty band design, this is our favourite yet and it's going to be hard to beat past this!


Shipped from Perth, Western Australia.


All orders dispatched the next business day using Australia Post + Includes Tracking.

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