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FREE Booty Band Exercise Guide


Let me help you waste no-time & get your booty working with this step-by-step guide to follow along exercises from home or the gym!

Your guide will download after you have checked out in a PDF downloadable format.

What's inside the guide:

Step by step break down on effective exercises and important techniques for optimal glute activation training. You can try these moves from home with your bodyweight or by using a Fit Booty Body Band for maximum engagement.

Whether you're a beginner or haven't exercised in a while, firming up your bottom is always a good idea!

What's my story?

If we haven't met before, I'm Celinda, Fit Booty Body Owner and a Fitness, Pilates & Nutrition Coach. I love helping women alleviate back pain, strengthen their core and firming their booty!

I've struggled with weak glutes, back/knee pain and became very limited to my exercises which left me unmotivated and frustrated!

Incorporating booty bands into my glute training helped me activate my glutes more effectively and I was finally able to enjoy my workouts - feeling the tension right where I had intended!

So I've put together this beginner guide to help other woman starting out who haven't done as much band work before or are looking to start and learn!

You can try these moves with your bodyweight at first, but using bands will help fire things up that extra bit more!

Whether you want to get fit, firm & tone your booty or prevent aches and pains, I know applying the tips will help! 

Grab it below and hope you enjoy it!

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