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Weight Training with Booty Bands?

March 04, 2019

Weight Training with Booty Bands?

We often get asked, can you add our Fit Booty Bands to your weight training work out? The answer is YES! Not only are they a great warm up to use to prior to loading up with weights, but they also can help increase your glute activation in som exercises that you may struggle to keep consistent tension on too.

A few examples that we commonly see babes using our Fit Booty Bands with is Squats, Leg Press and Hip Thursts & Glute Bridges. Check out the video below for an example but you can also find heaps more on our instagram too.

Tips to apply when weight training with booty bands:

  • Determine if the band is positioned best below or above the knees
    (most of the time above the knee - but sometimes below the knee can be helpful, so just don't rule it out and asses for yourself).
  • If you're struggling to maintain good form, you may need to lower the intensity of the band or the weight.
  • The purpose of the band is to help with engagement especially when your glutes are often stubborn or if you sit down for hours throughout the day. Therefore after you have performed a few warm up drills with your band, that may be enough for you to carry on with your workout without using the band. For ex: some glute or lower body exercises is very wide stances may feel better without using a band. Therefore you want to get your glutes warmed up first with other exercises first, then carry on the next wide stance exercise without a band.



Give it a shot next time your in the gym and let us know how you go in the comments.