Sweat, Scrub & Love Feature: Siobahn Gordon

July 13, 2018

Sweat, Scrub & Love Feature: Siobahn Gordon

Fit Booty Body's mission doesn't just end in the shower with our body scrubs, it's also about our mission to help motivate and inspire more women to live and breathe an active lifestyle.

Today, we feature a true health and fitness inspiration from WA, Siobahn Gordon who has turned her life around for better health and represents the #fitbootybody and #sweatscrublove lifestyle.

Siobahn's advice:

Sometimes as mothers, we forget that our health and wellbeing is also a top priority while caring for our families.

I've been there! Without realising, I had gained 40kg and my health was seriously declining. I was always tired, my skin was terrible and I was starting to have knee problems at the age of 25!

Once I realised that things needed to change, I changed up my diet, started moving my body and the rest simply fell into place!

Now, I'm a personal trainer and currently prepping for my first ICN WA show in October!

Here are my top tips for someone starting out on their health and wellness journey:

-Eat well, but also enjoy yourself! I'm a big advocate for the 80/20 rule. 80% whole foods and 20% foods that are not as nutritionally dense but that I enjoy.

-Start small and build your way up with exercise (especially if you are new to exercise). I started working out 3x per week for 30mins and slowly increased from there.

-Ladies! Do not be afraid to lift the weights! Lifting weights builds and sculpts those feminine curves and also supports a healthy metabolism and good bone health.

-Don't forget that recovery also plays a vital role in a healthy lifestyle! I have 1 active recovery day per week where I enjoy yoga or pilates and 1 full rest day, where I pop my feet up, have a magnesium bath and of course, pamper myself with a body scrub using FitBootyBody!

I share many more of tips on my facebook page: The Fit Kitchen With Siobahn and also my Instagram: @siobahng_fitness 

Below is her before and after photo of her journey.

Thanks Siobahn and here's to inspiring more women to sweat, scrub & love!