Sweat, Scrub & Love Feature: Rachael Renouf

August 03, 2018

Sweat, Scrub & Love Feature: Rachael Renouf

From strict dieting to now truly loving herself and finding a happy balance all year round, trainer Rachel Renouf, shares her story to help motivate other women into a positive direction.

"I’ve always been into health and fitness but like everyone else have had my yo-yo moments in life where I’ve had super highs and super lows. In return my body suffered through it. I would go through such drastic hardcore diets and strict regimes and punish myself for the way I was feeling and looking. I’d get to my goal and be happy but always wanted more and then somewhere in between I’d slip up and undo the hard work I put into myself. 

It’s taken many years, but the best thing I have learnt is how to maintain my body and how I feel all year round. I don’t use the word diet! It puts too much stress onto ourselves. Flexibility is key! Eat well to feel good on the inside and out (majority of the time) but also enjoy those moments when you need to when it comes to social times! Find a gym or active activity that you enjoy that doesn’t feel like a chore and keep mixing it up! I respond well to making different changes and out of my comfort zones too!!! Never a time to be bored or fall off the bandwagon. 

When we take care of ourselves from the food we eat, to the skin care regime (including incredibly delicious fitbootybody scrubs!!) and of course our active movements that we do, its the best recipe to make you feel amazing! 

Safe to say with my ingredients I don’t have those moments anymore and hope as a trainer I can share my tips with others to maintain this lifestyle for life.

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