Perth's body scrub brand embraces curves

September 23, 2016

Perth's body scrub brand embraces curves

When you use Fit Booty Body scrubs you're not just using any body scrub, you're using a scrub with a bootylicious attitude. A scrub that wants you to reward your active lifestyle and embrace your curves by applying it on your hips, thighs and booty!

Too often women are shaming and covering their bodies up because they have stretch marks and cellulite. Unfortunately, your body image perception won't change until you decide to make a change and start giving yourself a little love and care. When you give yourself the TLC basics, we hope it will give you a better perception of yourself because all women deserve to love their body and embrace what their mama gave them, no matter their size or shape.

Ladies, inhale this energy and give yourself a scrub tonight with love.