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Lower Body Workout Guide for Beginners - Part 2 or 3 Glute Series

May 24, 2022

Lower Body Workout Guide for Beginners - Part 2 or 3 Glute Series

What comes after a warm up?

A workout of course! 

Welcome to part 2 of 3 of my Glute Training series designed for beginners who are ready to get into the weights (who are fit to workout with no current injuries/imbalances - as that would be a priority to address first!) to help them become more confident in their workouts whether they train in the gym or from home!

Now first things first, there are so many exercises you could choose from which makes deciding which exercises to share with you not the easiest task! However I wanted to put together a beginner video and workout details (find it below) which would introduce and encourage compound movements which target the lower body and glutes for women who want to keep it simple and may not have as much time as others. The development and skill learned with these movements have a knock on effect for other exercise development down the track.

What I mean by that is learning how to do compound exercises as shown in the video help you build a strong base and foundation. They work multiple muscle groups at once (saving you time!) and also get your heart rate up at the same time - double win!

As these key movements become easier you can then progress further in your program and add accessory exercises or change angles on certain moves etc.

Exercises & Workout

Complete 3 sets of 10-12 reps for each exercise with 60-90 sec break. 

The fitter you are, the less time you'll need. Although if you're starting to progress with weight, I recommend ton take advantage of your rest time to help you get the most bang for each set!

Squat - After you've mastered your bodyweight, I recommend holding a DB in front of chest with a cup grip). As you get stronger, progress to a BB placed on your shoulders.

Hip Thrust - Start with your body weight. As BW becomes easier, challenge yourself to single leg (I love to do this because it helps you identify any weak links early on in your training program), then progress with a DB or BB on your hips.

RDL - Practice with your bodyweight first to ensure you can maintain a straight back and also achieve the correct hinge with your hips. This is a common mistake and if you struggle to achieve the hinge, try pushing your hips and weight pushed back. Progress here using a DB by your sides or BB infront. For an additional progression you can assess and challenge yourself unilaterally by placing one leg up on the bench as demonstrated in the video.

Reverse Lunge - Practice with your bodyweight first ad be mindful that your knees don't cave to the centre of your body. To optimise the glute engagement, I like to have a slight hinge with the torso and focus on pressing your heel into the floor as you return the back leg to centre. Make this move harder by modifying the lunge style, with weight, or tempo.

Finish will a cool down/stretch.

You can complete this workout 2-3x/week depending on your recovery and/or other workouts you do. While this is just a general guide and I'm not your personal coach, I would suggest to make the some of the modifications as you start to feel an exercise become easier or do what you feel is best.

While this workout may seem to only have a few exercises, keep in mind the warm up and activation exercises done before hand. Additionally, you don't want to overwhelm your system too fast when first training.

First, because as a beginner you can get great results quickly, so take advantage of that because the more advance you become, the harder you'll likely have to try to get the same gains!

Second, many of us today are time poor. If we don't have to spend hours working out and can train smarter, that's a much better way to help us stay consistent and get long term results!

Enjoy and here's to feeling fit, firm & bootyful!