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Lower Body Glute Warm Up Guide for Beginners

May 24, 2022

Lower Body Glute Warm Up Guide for Beginners

I'm looking forward to sharing my 3 Part Glute Training Series with you where I break down the how and why to the way that I train my lower body and glutes.

While I know a lot of people are looking for booty gains or just toning up, I think there is a more important reason to train your glutes. Yes, a good and firm looking booty is nice, but becoming strong and injury free should be a priority because it will help you be able to maintain training as a lifestyle. Rather than going hard, burning out, causing injuries and rushing through the process. I say this from my own experience and for the many women I've helped over the years.

When I was younger I had a lot of knee pain before I started strengthening my glutes and my general workouts weren't cutting it. Also glute training back then wasn't what it was today! When you went to the docs/physio or other professional, they didn't have the same eye for it and some today still don't surprisingly! This led me to develop a strong interest in rehab, injury prevention and strength training to make the body function at it's most optimal. It's made a massive difference in my ability to workout, athletic performance and even do simple day to day activities without grief! 

I know I'm not the only one who has struggled with such setbacks and there's probably so many more women out there searching for help, it's my mission to help more women out there in need to strengthen their glutes!

This way they can start to look forward to exercise instead of being in pain and feel confident about their lower body!

This first video goes into some of the warm up exercises I do. I also do other warm up exercises that I didn't film, however these few you'll find helpful if you're just getting started. Also even if you only do 1-2 warm up exercises that's better than none!

A lot of sit on our butt all day and then go into a workout. Therefore doing a variety of dynamic and warm up/activation exercises can help us get into the zone while heating up our core temperature for a great workout!

Watch the part 1 of 3 Glute Series here for a detailed explanation, although I'll also share in dot form some of my go-to warm up moves below for your reference.

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