How to freshen up after Christmas

December 26, 2017

How to freshen up after Christmas

Christmas fun with friends and family comes fast and ends too soon! We'll all have to wait another 365 days until Santa returns. Now comes the time to prepare for the New Year and we know many of you fit booty body babes love to embrace active healthy lifestyles, so we thought we'd share with you a few favorite tips to freshen up after the Christmas parties.

  • Get walking outside. The fresh air will give you a nice nature kick that will help lift your mood if you're starting to missing the holiday vibes with your family. Light exercise such as walking can still be enough of movement to impact your endorphin and give you an exercise feel good high without having to do anything too strenuous.
  • Increase your water intake. Try drinking 1L/20 kilo of body weight. It will help you feel more refreshed mentally and internally. Quencing your thirst also helps prevent you from overeating or eating when you're body is signaling to you that you're hungry.
  • Eat fresh fruit. If you've been consuming lots of chocolate or cakes and the thought of vegetables doesn't seem appetizing to you at this stage, try incorporating a few more pieces of fresh fruit over this next week and reduce the amount of processed sweets. Hopefully in a weeks time you can move on to increasing your veggie intake.
  • Get social with friends. Go for a coffee/walk outside or even at the shops (if the weather doesn't permit outdoors) and talk about your New Year goals with friends. It's been known that talking about your goals out loud that you'd like to achieve for the coming year will most likely come true the more you talk about it.

The Fit Booty Body team wishes you a healthy New Year filled with positive self love!


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