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FREE Booty Band HOW TO Workout Guide - Beginner's Lesson

July 01, 2021

FREE Booty Band HOW TO Workout Guide - Beginner's Lesson

Want a FREE guide on how to use booty a booty band?

You've come to the right place!

I've got a FREE downloadable PDF booty band workout exercise guide for you to grab below ⬇️ in addition to a very very very thorough booty band video tutorial where I teach you how to activate your glutes using my Fit Booty Band with all the do's and don't's!


I see too many women who struggle with the right technique or just simply don't know how to use a booty band at all...

Some women even get frustrated and wonder why use a booty band in the first place?

So I'm going to help you get started with my FREE guide you can grab below PLUS an extremely thorough video lesson where I personally teach you how to use my Fit Booty Body Band that effectively activates, firms and build your booty!

Booty Band Benefits Include:

  • Increased gluteal activation in compound lower body exercises
  • Increased gluteal activation in rehab exercises where glutes often struggle
  • Increases warm up time for faster workouts
  • Reduces likelihood of wrong muscle compensating - Injury prevention!
  • Light weight and versatile 
  • Durable long lasting 

Before I begin, I want to let you know I used to struggle to activate my glutes properly and it caused me a lot of grief with knee and back pain and no one was able to help me for years. I remember even in my teens my mom brought me to specialists and no one could understand why I was in pain.

It wasn't until I started using my Fit Booty Bands and focusing more on my glutes that I started to make consistent and amazing progress, alleviate a lot of the pains and become stronger in my workouts.

Looking back now, I wish someone gave me the information years ago. 

Sharing this with you is my way of helping anyone else who may currently be in the same situation that I once was.

There are tons of women out there who have suffered with similar back and knee problems and have not received the help they deserve! If these exercises help you let me know in the comments below.

It's my goal to ensure more women are educated and shown how to activate their glutes because when we can avoid injuries, we can start to reach our full training potential to build the booty and body we deserve!

I believe developing strong foundations and learning how to use booty bands correctly can really help lead the way!

So let's get this booty band training started!

Click play below to watch this informative video that will go over key exercises to do with your booty band as a beginner and the necessary technique to learn:


Download my FREE Booty Band Workout Exercise PDF Guide here that is perfect for beginners!

I can't stress this enough...

It's super important to focus on your form and getting better and better with these exercises rather than hoping through a hundred different types of exercises next week for example.


This is because it takes TIME to improve, learn and perfect an exercise. We have our whole life to exercise, so focus on the journey and improve your skill. When an exercise starts to become easier, you always have the next few weeks to change it up. You don't HAVE to change the exercise by tomorrow.

A great example is the glute bridge. Once you start to really perfect your form on the glute bridge, it can become a staple and you can add it to your program for several weeks until it becomes 'too easy' or needs a modification.

However everyone is different and comes from different training backgrounds.

Some of you may need to change your exercises up more than someone else, but if you are a beginner, sticking with foundational exercises for a while to build up the overall understanding and strength to activate your glutes properly is well worth the time!

Here are a few key tips to remember as a beginner using booty bands:

  • Don't jump to a heavier resistance right away

    It's better to work within the ranges and your abilities with a lighter resistance first to ensure you don't sacrifice form or worse, start to cheat with other muscle groups to perform an exercise.

  • There's no golden rule where you put the band

    Depending on an exercise, you may benefit more from having it around your calves or above the knees. See which works for you. A general example is most squats or glute bridges feel comfortable with the band above the knee, however, crab walks and certain core exercises using the band can also work well with the band around the calves or feet.

  • You don't always have to use the band

    Now this may sound contradictory because I'm promoting using the band, so let me explain. The band can assist with activation and help make a workout more intense. However, sometimes I'll perform a workout starting with the band and then afterwards I may remove the band towards the end. I could be getting tired and want to make the exercise a bit easier on the last set for example. As long as I'm still feeling my glutes when I'm doing the last set compared to when I started without out, the band essentially has done it's job to help me get started.

    It won't always be like that though. Sometimes I'll do a workout the while time with the band on for a particular exercise. I just wanted to share how sometimes its OK to remove it or you shouldn't feel bad about wanting to knock off a bit of the intensity.

I hope this guide, tutorial and information has helped you get started and motivated!

As always, here's to feeling fit, firm & bootyful!