Sweat, Scrub & Love Feature: Jessi Albin

August 20, 2018

Sweat, Scrub & Love Feature: Jessi Albin

Instead of looking back negatively on how a stressful time in our lives may have left us, Jessi Albin founder of Jessi FIT Pilates, shares with us how it can lead us to a positive life changing experience for our passion and career.

"I was born in Brooklyn, NY and I began my Fitness career after watching the Twin Towers fall on 9/11/01. I ran out of my office and onto 34 Street, with black smoke filling the sky - totally scared for my life.  I was working a job I didn’t feel connected to in the fashion industry and this was a sign for me to not only run from danger but run towards new beginnings! Fitness was, my love and passion. I loved feeling confident in my own skin from working out and I wanted to help others do the same! I haven't looked back since that run and I've trained thousands of women in both New York and San Francisco in my 17 year career.  My mission is to share Pilates and positivity via home workouts to millions of women via YouTube and Instagram.  

My current training routine is a combination of Pilates, Yoga and functional training.  I walk everywhere which is rare now that I live in California but I don't have a car! Currently I am working to improve my fire dancing and flow art practice. Yes, I dance with fire in my hands.  I am working on my splits for it too!

Fitness should flow into your life and movement should be a positive experience.  Strengthen stretch and smile is my motto. In a world that is designed to bring you down I believe it’s important that women find ways to build their bodies and minds properly. Color is a huge source of inspiration to me and I try to use creative ways to keep you moving on the path to fitness fun!"

Check out Jessi's videos online here: 

We hope Jessi's lifestyle changes can help motivate another babe out there on her own personal journey.

If you find yourself short of a bit of color and need a pick me up or mood lifting, tune into Jess's Youtube channel and scrub up afterwards with our Bubble Butt scrub!

Till next time, sweat, scrub & love!