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Booty Training & Booty Bands for Back Pain

January 15, 2020

Booty Training & Booty Bands for Back Pain

Having back pain is no fun for anyone! Unfortunately it can happen to us regardless of how invisible we feel.

Sooner or later muscle compensations and stiffness in the body can creep up on us and then BOOM the pain starts. 

While we can't predict the future, we can only do our best to fine tune our body and help it work to it's best!

Back pain can be caused by numerous reasons, however one reason is when the lower back starts to compensate and over work for the lack of strength in the surrounding muscles. This can happen when someone lifts objects with poor form or exercises with poor form. More often than not this is caused by weak glute muscles or the in ability to activate them.

Learning how to move more efficiently so that your glutes work better combined with glute activation exercises not only has the aesthetic benefits, but is a great way to prevent the potential liklihood of common aches or pains.

From having back pains and injuries in the past, working my glutes regularly and doing specific exercises has helped tremendously! 

How do you work or activate the glutes?

Working the glutes consist of the extension, abduction, external rotation, and internal rotation of the hips. 

There are many exercises you can do that work the glutes, but when you're first starting out, performing floor based exercises is a great way to help strengthen your mind-muscle connection and build up your body weight strength. As your body weight strength increases, you can add bands or resistances or modify the programming to make the exercises stimulating for muscles.

The addition of Fit Booty Bands is a great way to fast track glute activation for anyone who struggles with engagement or wants to get the most out of their workout in a shorter amount of time. It gives the right amount of extra resistance to create the 'light bulb' moment for the booty to wake up - and the booty burn feeling is rewarding, it'll keep you motivated!

What happens after the glutes work effectively?

Your training and everyday life can benefit greatly! From the progression of exercises you can work towards to keep yourself challenged and fit, to the reduction in everyday aches associated with over compensating lower back muscles. 

Oh and I mustn't forget a firmer booty too! Definitely something to look forward to you keep up the consistency and healthy lifestyle!

Sending you motivation today to start working your booty and living a more active lifestyle!

-Celinda Belle