A bit nippy in paradise

April 28, 2017

A bit nippy in paradise

The mornings are starting to get a bit colder.

The bikinis are getting worn less and less over the weekends.

Cozy sweaters are being worn around the house instead of sarongs.

What do these little things tell us?

It's time to brace for the winter!

The cons, not as much beach and summer dresses.

The pros, hot baths and Cocoa Fix to the rescue.

Sure a hot bath can't make up for the lack of summer warmth, but it'll have to make do until spring/summer kicks in again.

In the meantime, we can continue on our healthy lifestyle choices over winter while dreaming about the new bikini's we'll be wearing over summer to keep us motivated and on track to sweat, scrub and love!

How will you embrace the sweat, scrub and love philosophy over winter?