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3 Glute Kick Back Exercise Variations To Try

May 24, 2021

3 Glute Kick Back Exercise Variations To Try

Learn how to do Glute Kick Backs 3 different ways from home or the gym in this quick video I made!

I've also included a bonus mind/muscle connection drill in the beginning to try as a test before getting into the kick back exercises to help you. It's a great test to assess if you tend to compensate with your lower back or hamstring - which are common culprits for people with weak glutes.

Performing glute kick backs are a must - especially for beginners.

I personally feel a difference right away even in the way I walk after doing them. This is because our glutes can be quite sleepy and this one exercise wakes up that big chunky part of your booty, the glute maximus!

Let me know which out of the 3 exercises in the video were your favourite below!

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